Accordion Sheet Music Books for Beginners: Top 3 Picks for New Learners

Accordion sheet music books for beginners serve as valuable resources for those embarking on their musical journey with this iconic instrument. The accordion’s versatility spans multiple genres such as folk, classical, tango, and even jazz. With an accordion in hand and the right learning materials, new musicians can hone their skills and build a solid […]

Accordion Maintenance: Top Tips

Accordions are expensive instruments that require care. A little accordion maintenance goes a long way towards protecting your instrument investment. From cleaning to storage, you need to know how to care for your accordion and keep it sounding beautiful for many years.  Avoid The Biggest Mistakes One of the biggest mistakes people make regarding accordion […]

Is the Accordion Hard to Learn? An Expert Opinion

Is the accordion hard to learn? Is it difficult to play, or is it just a matter of time and practice? If you want to know more about this instrument, read on! Learning to play a musical instrument is a rewarding and enriching experience, but it can also be a challenging one. If you are […]

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