Author : Daniel John

Accordion Maintenance: Top Tips

Accordions are expensive instruments that require care. A little accordion maintenance goes a long way towards protecting your instrument investment. From cleaning to storage, you need to know how to care for your accordion and keep it sounding beautiful for many years.  Avoid The Biggest Mistakes One of the biggest mistakes people make regarding accordion […]

What Is the Easiest String Instrument to Learn? My Top 5

The question of ‘What is the easiest string instrument to learn?’ is very common across the world. There are a lot of string instruments out there, and each one has its own history, style, and culture. I In this article, I have narrowed it down to 5 string instruments from different cultures and time periods. […]

What Are the Best Mandolin Brands?

What Are the Best Mandolin Brands? If you are shopping for a mandolin, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the types and brands that are available. Whether you are new to the mandolin or an old pro, it never hurts to gain knowledge about the top brands, so you can make an informed […]

What Are the Best Banjo Brands?

What Are the Best Banjo Brands? The banjo is, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood instruments in modern history. From humble beginnings, this once-obscure stringed instrument is now making a comeback, leading to a greater demand on the market.  With this greater demand, sometimes comes confusion. How can you tell which banjo brands are legit […]

What are the Best Ukulele Brands UPDATED?

What are the Best Ukulele Brands? There are many ukulele brands on the market, but not all of them offer the same standards in construction, durability, and sound. With so many brands available, it can sometimes be confusing finding the one that will offer the best for your money. So, what should you look for […]

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