How to Clean a Harp

The harp is a beautifully elegant instrument with a sound that is recognizable from the very first note. It’s important to clean the harp to keep it in good condition, but cleaning the harp requires gentle handling and concentration. So in this article, we give you some useful guidance on how to keep your harp […]

Buying a Harp for Beginners – Everything You Need To Know

Have you always wanted to play the harp?  When it comes to buying a harp for beginners, it can be a little stressful attempting to purchase a new instrument. What should you look for?  How much do they cost?.. How can you know if a harp is of excellent quality? Learning the answers to these […]

10 Best Harps for Beginners – Read Before You Buy!

Because harps are not standardized, it can become confusing for beginners to find the perfect instrument. Knowing what to look for is essential. Unfortunately, not all harps are created equal. Some harps are made from substandard materials. Thankfully, many models are superior and offer a better playing experience.  With this guide, you will learn about […]

Is the Harp Hard to Learn? And Other Questions for Beginners

Is the Harp Hard to Learn? And Other Questions for Beginners Most people have at least seen a harp, even if only in depictions of heavenly scenes. Though people know the basics of harps, this instrument remains very much enshrouded in mystery. Whether because of its daunting size or the way it is played, many […]

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