The Fascinating Guzheng Instrument and Its Origins

How Long Does It Take To Get Good A...
How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Guitar? | Mod Cheap Guitars

Guzheng is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument that directly translates to “ancient zither-type instrument.” It has two bridges with strings stretched at either end, with movable bridges in the middle used for tuning. It’s an excellent accompaniment for vocals and existed even before the Qin Dynasty. The oldest guzheng was discovered in 1979 in Jiangxi … Read more

Difficult Decision: Violin or Guitar, Which One Should I Learn First?


As with most comparisons, knowing which is more difficult will almost always be subjective. After all, what may be hard for some may be easy for others.  There are, however, comparisons with clear winners, and this may be true for learning the violin versus learning the guitar.  A quick search on the web will probably … Read more

6 Reasons Why This Is the Best Violin Case for Me – Gewa Jaeger Oblong Violin Case


What’s the best violin case? This question doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. The best violin case for you is the one that fits your needs, preferences, and way of life. But if you’re wondering whether Gewa Jaeger Oblong is the best violin case for you, I wrote this piece to explain why I personally think … Read more

Flamenco Guitar – 5 Small But Important Questions

Common Questions about the Flamenco Guitar

Move over, classical guitar! The flamenco guitar is the new star of the show. This passionate type of Spanish guitar has a unique sound and style that is perfect for everything from traditional music to modern covers.  While it may seem like a simple instrument, there is more to the flamenco guitar than meets the … Read more

5 All Important Resonator Guitar Questions – Read This First


There’s just something undeniably cool about resonator guitars. Maybe it’s the unique sound they create, or the way they look – but whatever it is, resonators have a special place in the hearts of guitarists.  If you’re curious about resonator guitars and want to learn more about them, read on!  This post will explain everything … Read more

The Jaw Harp – All You Need to Know About This Fascinating Instrument

The Jaw Harp - All You Need to Know About This Fascinating Instrument playing the jaw harp

If you’ve ever been to a country fair, you’ve probably seen someone playing a jaw harp. It is one of those instruments that seems to defy classification.  It doesn’t quite fit into the category of woodwinds, brass, or strings. So what is it? And more importantly, how do you play the jaw harp?  Also known … Read more