Long or Short Nails for Ukulele, Which is better?

What is a Zither Instrument?
What is a Zither Instrument?
Long or Short Nails for Ukulele - Is Nail Length Important to Play the Ukulele 2

A common question topic when it comes to playing the ukulele from beginners is about nails and whether nail length is important to play the ukulele instrument. Should your nails be trimmed short, can you just use a pick? Can you play the ukulele with fake nails? The list is long.  So we wrote this … Read more

Learning The Ukulele – Ukelele Questions for Beginners PART 1 – Honest Answers to Common Questions!

ukulele questions

When someone starts learning to play any instrument there are a few common ukulele questions they may ask, like: Can you strum a ukulele with your thumb? How often should you change ukulele strings? Why does my ukulele sound weird? Are ukulele strings plastic? All of these are great questions that will be answered in … Read more

Best Ukuleles For Kids (UPDATED)

Best Ukuleles For Kids 4

Best Ukuleles for Kids The ukulele is a fun instrument for people of all ages and is especially ideal for children. Many people, when they first see this instrument, automatically assume it is a small guitar for kids, but this is not correct.  The ukulele is a highly-respected instrument that is played by people all … Read more

How to Learn the Ukulele Fast -Top 7 Tips

How to Learn the Ukulele Fast

Those looking to learn ukulele will be happy to know that the ukulele is one of the easiest stringed instruments to learn, even though some people find it difficult to progress past the first strumming exercises.  If you feel stuck, you shouldn’t give up on your mission to learn to play ukulele.  Learning to play … Read more