Cavaquinho vs Ukulele – My Teacher’s Opinion

The Truth About Learning the Lute -...
The Truth About Learning the Lute - How Difficult Is It?
cavaquinho vs ukulele

Which instrument is better? I am learning the cavaquinho myself and recently asked my teacher Thiago Alvares to briefly give me his opinion on the debate between Cavaquinho vs Ukulele. Hopefully, his opinion helps you decide which one is for you.          One of the most common questions asked to me during … Read more

Cavaquinho vs Ukulele – What’s the Difference Between The Cavaquinho And The Ukulele?

cavaquinho vs ukulele

When it comes to the question of the cavaquinho vs ukulele, although the cavaquinho and the ukulele are from the same family and have the same number of strings, they are very different instruments.  Understanding the key differences between these two instruments will help musicians make the choice on which one speaks to them most … Read more