5 of the Best Mandolin Under 300 – All Levels – Read Before You Buy!

What is a Zither Instrument?
What is a Zither Instrument?
5 of the Best Mandolins Under $300

So you’re looking for the best mandolin under 300. A good quality mandolin under 300 dollars that isn’t going to break apart and dismantle after playing it. When it comes to finding the best mandolins for the money, it can be an overwhelming task, why? Because there are so many different mandolins on the market … Read more

What Are the Best Mandolin Brands?

What Are the Best Mandolin Brands

What Are the Best Mandolin Brands? If you are shopping for a mandolin, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the types and brands that are available. Whether you are new to the mandolin or an old pro, it never hurts to gain knowledge about the top brands, so you can make an informed … Read more

Are Mandolin Chords the Same as Guitar?

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Mandolins and guitars are somewhat similar in the way they are played, but their differences outnumber their similarities. Because they are made and played differently, you cannot use the same chord configurations with a mandolin and guitar.  Understanding the differences between these two instruments is crucial if you are trying to decide which one to … Read more

Should I Learn The Mandolin Or The Ukulele?

Should I Learn the Mandolin or Ukulele

Many people wonder, should I learn the Mandolin or the Ukulele. Mandolins and Ukuleles are both stringed instruments that come from the lute family.  Lutes are stringed instruments with half egg-shaped bodies and long necks. Because both the ukulele and mandolin come from the same family of instruments, they are often mistakenly believed to be … Read more