Easy Anime Songs to Play on Piano: Master Fan Favorites with Ease

Easy Anime Songs to Play on Piano: Master Fan Favorites with Ease

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Discovering easy anime songs to play on the piano can be a delightful and enriching way to merge a passion for anime and music.

These themes often embody memorable melodies that resonate with fans and are usually structured in a way that makes them accessible for beginner pianists.

When I first started playing the piano, the allure of bringing to life the soundtracks from my favorite anime shows was a significant motivator, and it’s a hobby that still brings me immense joy.

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Anime often showcases a variety of musical styles, offering beginners a chance to explore different genres while learning. Starting with simpler songs allows me to gradually develop my skills at a comfortable pace.

Learning to play anime music also provides a satisfying way to celebrate the shows I love and share this connection with friends who are fans of the same series.

Key Takeaways

  • Easy anime songs are a great starting point for learning the piano.
  • They facilitate skill development and musical exploration for beginners.
  • Playing anime songs on the piano is a fun way to engage with your favorite series.

Top 5 Easy Anime Songs to Play on Piano


When I first started playing the piano, I found that anime songs were a delightful way to engage with the instrument. Their melodic lines tend to be clear and memorable, making them accessible for beginners. Here’s my list of top 5 easy anime songs which you can enjoy playing:

  • 1. “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” from Neon Genesis Evangelion
    The opening theme is iconic and surprisingly simple to pick up, with a repetitive melody that makes it satisfying to play.
  • 2. “Lilium” from Elfen Lied
    Its hauntingly beautiful melody flows smoothly and can be played slowly to grasp the finger movements.
  • 3. “My Neighbor Totoro” from My Neighbor Totoro
    The cheerful tune captures the essence of the beloved character and is made up of straightforward, repeatable patterns.
  • 4. “El’s Theme” from Death Note
    It features a slow, moody tune that allows you to take your time with each note and get comfortable with the keys.
  • 5. “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” from Pokémon
    While technically a song from an anime-influenced show, its catchy and upbeat melody is fun and easy for beginners to learn.

These songs offer a great starting point for any aspiring pianist interested in anime music. They bridge the gap between simple practice pieces and more complex compositions, providing a platform to develop your skills while playing tunes you love.


Embarking on the musical journey of anime songs on the piano can be exciting and rewarding, especially with the right selection of tunes. Songs from anime have a unique charm, ranging from soul-stirring melodies to lively themes, and are perfect for pianists of all levels. I’ll guide you through some Joe Hisaishi’s classics and modern anime hits that are not only iconic but also accessible for beginners.

Joe Hisaishi’s Classics

  • One Summer’s Day from Spirited Away
  • A Town With An Ocean View from Kiki’s Delivery Service

Joe Hisaishi’s music captures the whimsical and nostalgic feel of Studio Ghibli films with pieces that are recognizable yet straightforward enough for beginners to learn. One Summer’s Day from Spirited Away offers a gentle melody that’s easy to pick up, while A Town With An Ocean View from Kiki’s Delivery Service combines a catchy tune with a simple harmonic structure. Beginners can enjoy learning these songs while experiencing the magic of Hisaishi’s compositions.

Modern Anime Hits

  • Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul
  • Gurenge from Demon Slayer

For those who are looking for something more current, modern anime hits provide a range of easy-to-learn and catchy piano songs. Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul carries an emotional weight that resonates with many fans, yet the piano version can be simplified for early players. Gurenge from Demon Slayer is another popular song that, despite its energetic pace, has piano arrangements available that cater to beginners. Both songs are staples in the anime community and have melodies that stick with you.

Developing Piano Skills Through Anime Music


Anime music has a unique charm that can make practicing piano both engaging and uplifting. It often spans a wide range of emotions, from joyful to somber, and as I have found, learning to play these pieces can enhance both my technical skills and my expressive performance.

Intermediate Anime Pieces

For intermediate players who have mastered the basics, anime songs are a fantastic way to develop further. Here’s a list of songs that can help enhance your dexterity while being fun to play:

  • “Lilium” from Elfen Lied: Beautiful and haunting, this piece has a flowing melody that requires control and precision.
  • “Unravel” from Tokyo Ghoul: With its fast pace and dynamic shifts, “Unravel” is perfect for building speed and agility on the piano.

Advanced Techniques with Anime Tunes

Incorporating advanced anime piano songs into your practice can push you to new heights. Let’s look at a couple of pieces that demand advanced techniques:

  • “My Dearest” from Guilty Crown: Featuring complex chords and an emotional melody, it requires a strong grasp of theory and nimble fingers.
  • “This Game” from No Game No Life: Fast arpeggios and quick transitions in this song will test your dexterity and enhance your performance skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

image 32 Easy Anime Songs to Play on Piano: Master Fan Favorites with Ease

In this section, we’ll explore some common inquiries about diving into the world of anime music on the piano, perfect for those just beginning their musical journey.

What are some popular anime songs that are suitable for beginner piano players?

Many anime songs offer simpler melodies and chord progressions that are ideal for beginners.

I recommend starting with themes like “My Neighbor Totoro” from Studio Ghibli, or “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” from Neon Genesis Evangelion, as they often have versions arranged for various skill levels.

How can I find medleys of anime music arranged for easy piano?

To find medleys of anime music arranged for easy piano, online music repositories like 8notes.com or arranging communities such as r/piano on Reddit can be excellent resources.

Members often share their own easy-to-play arrangements and medleys that you can learn.

Are there any slow tempo anime songs that are easier for beginners to play on piano?

Certainly! Slow tempo songs such as “Unravel” from Tokyo Ghoul or “Is there still anything that love can do?” from Weathering with You have a slower pace, making them more accessible for beginners.

What are the best anime themes to learn on piano for someone just starting out?

For someone just starting out, the best anime themes to learn on piano would include “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” from Pokémon and “Dango Daikazoku” from Clannad. They are not only widely recognized but also happen to have straightforward arrangements available.

Can you list some anime songs that have simple piano versions?

Yes, certain songs like “Elfen Lied’s – Lilium,” “Fairy Tail’s – Main Theme,” and “Sword Art Online’s – Crossing Field” have simpler versions available online. These songs can be played with just the melody line and a few key chords.

Where can I find piano sheet music with letters for anime songs?

Sheet music with letter notes for anime songs can be found on dedicated anime piano websites, forums, or communities like musescore.com, where users upload their own arrangements with letters included.

This can be especially helpful if you’re still learning to read traditional sheet music.

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