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Everything about the Ukulele such as learning How to Tune a Ukulele, What is the Difference Between the Ukulele and the Cavaquinho, should you learn the Mandolin or the Ukulele, and lots more about Folk String Instruments.

Should You Learn the Banjo or the Ukulele?

Banjos and ukuleles both have unique sounds that are appealing to many musicians.  Because of their similarities and vast differences, it can often become difficult attempting to decide which one strikes your musical fancy.  If you have never played either instrument, it is important to research both and learn as much as possible before diving […]

Should I Learn The Mandolin Or The Ukulele?

Many people wonder, should I learn the Mandolin or the Ukulele. Mandolins and Ukuleles are both stringed instruments that come from the lute family.  Lutes are stringed instruments with half egg-shaped bodies and long necks. Because both the ukulele and mandolin come from the same family of instruments, they are often mistakenly believed to be […]

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