Difficult Decision: Violin or Guitar, Which One Should I Learn First?

How Many Notes Does a Violin Have?
How Many Notes Does a Violin Have?

As with most comparisons, knowing which is more difficult will almost always be subjective. After all, what may be hard for some may be easy for others.  There are, however, comparisons with clear winners, and this may be true for learning the violin versus learning the guitar.  A quick search on the web will probably … Read more

6 Reasons Why This Is the Best Violin Case for Me – Gewa Jaeger Oblong Violin Case


What’s the best violin case? This question doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. The best violin case for you is the one that fits your needs, preferences, and way of life. But if you’re wondering whether Gewa Jaeger Oblong is the best violin case for you, I wrote this piece to explain why I personally think … Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Fiddle And A Violin? – Learn All About The Fiddle

What Is The Difference Between A Fiddle And A Violin

While the fiddle and violin are often used interchangeably, the style of music being played often determines the construction.  Fiddles differ from classical violins in that they sometimes have a flatter bridge arch, allowing for boisterous fiddle playing styles, such as the bariolage.  When someone plays the fiddle, they are said to be fiddling. A … Read more