Is the Accordion Hard to Learn?

Is the accordion hard to learn

Is the accordion hard to learn? Is it difficult to play, or is it just a matter of time and practice. If you want to know more about this instrument, read on!

Many people choose to learn to play the accordion these days- it’s a great instrument to play, and much easier to carry around than an organ and not an instrument you see every day.

In this article, I’ll tell you whether or not the accordion is hard to learn, how long it takes to master the accordion, what will help you progress, and some great resources to get you off the ground.

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How hard is it to learn the accordion?

When it comes to the question of is the accordion hard to learn, the answer is a simple one: not at all!

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As with any instrument, some are harder than others- the guitar can be very tricky for example – but if you’ve ever wanted to play the accordion, then you won’t have any difficulties if you take the right approach.

The accordion is not hard to learn in comparison with say using a computer or playing football. Is it difficult to learn from scratch? Yes of course, but only in the same way that everything worth doing requires some effort and practice.

With enough dedication and time spent learning how to play the instrument properly, anyone can master the accordion and do something good with it- just like anything else, really.

How long does it take to learn accordion?

It is difficult to put an accurate timeframe on how long it will take you to learn the accordion because there are so many variables to consider for each individual.

Is the accordion hard to learn 3

When starting out with no experience, it can reasonably take a few months of dedicated practice (1 hour a day at least) before you start to develop your coordination and technique.

You can learn a couple of songs quite fast on the accordion and once you have concentrated long enough to get one song under your belt, the process becomes easier.

Another thing is, the more experience you have with other instruments, the faster you will progress. It would be fair to say a year of regular lessons and practice (1 hour a day) should see you developing to an intermediate level.

In my opinion, it should take 2 years of regular playing before you become proficient enough to play as an accomplished soloist, however, this depends largely on your dedication and more importantly your enjoyment of learning this instrument.

What is the fastest way to learn accordion?

Is there a tried and tested way to learn the accordion fast? This is a common question from those asking ‘is the accordion hard to learn?’ as many, well most people want to learn the accordion quickly.

Is the accordion hard to learn 3

In my opinion, there are a couple of best ways to successfully learn any musical instrument but bear in mind, the routes and options available to you as a student have varying degrees of success in today’s day and age.

  • You could take the traditional route and try to find an accordion teacher in the local area with whom you feel comfortable, who can provide tuition at a pace that suits you. They should be knowledgeable, flexible, and enthusiastic about teaching the accordion too as this will make for a more rewarding experience all round however it can be tricky, accomplished accordion players and even teachers can be hard to come by, expensive and they may not be very flexible with their time.
  • The other method which is my preferred way to learn any instrument is to find a good online accordion course. An online course would be cheaper, allow you to learn at your own pace, but more importantly an online course would give you the ability to pause the session at repeat things you want to repeat at any time. There will be several moments when you just want to stop and clarify things and with a physical teacher this might eat into precious lesson time which could make your lesson a lot more expensive.

The ideal thing to do in my opinion would be to learn online via an online course that you can pick up and put down at your own pace.

Is the accordion hard to learn 3

This is how I learned to play the guitar myself and I personally find this way more engaging.

The only drawback is that you cant ask questions live as you would be able to with an actual human being in the room with you. But I think learning the basics for a beginner, is probably the best way to learn the accordion.

Do accordions need to be tuned?

Yes, accordions do need to be tuned. When you first start playing, the instrument probably will not sound very good. This is normal and does not mean that your accordion is broken or even necessarily needs tuning yet.

Once you have been playing for a little while though, you may notice that some keys don’t sound as loud as others, or maybe they just sound kind of off – this indicates you should check out whether your accordion needs tuning.

How do I tune an accordion?

If you have never tuned an accordion before it may seem intimidating! It does not need to be hard at all though; in fact, it’s quite simple once you know how to go about it – all you need is an accordion, a tuner for accordions, and the patience to work your way through it.

There are two ways to tune an accordion: by ear or with a chromatic electronic tuner.

  • Tuning by ear – Tuning the accordion by ear can be hard because it takes time and patience; there is no other way than practice though! If you don’t have much experience tuning an accordion, I would recommend tuning it with an electronic tuner instead –
  • Electric tuners – The price of these things has gone down severely over the past decade so they are affordable even for beginners who just want to figure out if their instrument needs tuning or not. Electronic tuners are particularly easy because all you have to do once you attach one to your accordion’s bellows and play each key and the tuner will tell you if it’s in tune or not.

Watch the video below for an idea of how it’s done.

TLDR Conclusion – Is The Accordion Hard To Learn?

When it comes to the question of ‘is the accordion hard to learn?‘ the accordion is not very difficult to learn! If you are new, do not be intimidated – you can figure it out. Also, if you are nervous about tuning an accordion for the first time, don’t worry too much about it because electronic tuners

The best way for a beginner is to find a good online video course that could take you through the basics, and be a great resource that you can revisit multiple times.

After you’ve covered the basics you may find that you want to eventually start learning by ear and playing some of your favorite tunes.

Good luck !

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