The Best Chromatic Harmonica for Beginners – Our Top 5

The Best Chromatic Harmonica for Beginners - Our Top 5

So you have decided to learn to play the harmonica, that’s awesome! 

There isn’t any other wind instrument quite like the harmonica that gives both a great tactile response and a unique rich sound.

To begin learning the chromatic harmonica, you’re going to need a good quality harmonica to practice with.

In this article, we will go through 5 of some of the best chromatic harmonicas for beginners that are available to you without breaking the bank.

So have a look through and learn all you can. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you in your new journey of learning the chromatic harmonica!

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Should I Buy a Cheap Harmonica or an Expensive Harmonica?

The Best Chromatic Harmonica for Beginners - Our Top 5

As a beginner, you may not be willing to spend a large amount of money on a new instrument. 

Many times it is suggested that beginners start off with as little expenditure as possible because at the beginning stage your priority is to learn the basics and to get a solid grasp of the instrument. 

Once you have a solid foundation and you know your way around a harmonica, how to play it smoothly, and get all the notes right, then you should look at upgrading to a more professional model.

You could of course buy a top of the range harmonica as a beginner and many people do choose to go down that route, but in my opinion, starting with a lower level and cheaper harmonica which may have certain features to make your life as a beginner a little easier is a much better choice. 

The last thing you want to do at this stage is to bite off more than you can chew and end up a little disillusioned and discouraged to continue learning to play the harmonica.

And the money saved can go towards a good chromatic harmonica course which is way more useful than a shiny brand new top-of-the-range harmonica! 

So take your time, and consider some of these choices below

The Best Chromatic Harmonica for Beginners – Our Top 5?

1. BEST BUDGET PICK Elson Chromatic Harmonica

We start with the Elson brand professional grade harmonica, the Elson is cheap but a great choice for chromatic players, with 10 holes and 40-tone key of C.

The Elson is made of 100% stainless steel and comes with a case and a cleaning cloth.

The Elson produces a crisp and clear sound with its Phosphor Bronze reeds which are known to give a much richer note.

Ideal for beginner solo practicing.

elson chromatic harmonica

Elson Chromatic Harmonica

* 10 Holes
* 40-tone key of C
* 100% Stainless steel

2. Easttop Forerunner

Easttop is known for producing amazing harmonicas for their price range. 

Scoring high in all aspects and giving a great tonal quality also. Known for being built like tanks.

In short, with Easttop you know you’re getting a good product.

This 12 hole 48 tone harmonica is recommended especially for beginners. 

This Easttop harmonica also has an ergonomically rounded mouthpiece, something that very few (if any) harmonica manufacturers offer, making this harmonica a lot more comfortable for beginners to learn to play and continue playing for hours at a time.

easttop forerunner chromatic harmonica

Easttop Forerunner Chromatic Harmonica

* 12-hole
* 48 tone
* Ergonomically rounded mouthpiece

3. Swan SW1040

The Swan SW1040 10 Hole 40 Tone C Key Chromatic. The Swan is very inexpensive and ideal for a beginner. Swan sometimes gets a bad rap from players but for a very inexpensive beginner’s chromatic harmonica you cannot go wrong with the Swan 1040. 

The Swan 1040 gives a great sound for its price range and is very well made. 

In short, great sound has good durability and is inexpensive. Many professional chromatic harmonica players started out with a Swan mainly due to how easy they are to pick up cheaply.

A great choice from the largest harmonica manufacturer in China.

Swan 1040 Chromatic Harmonica The Best Chromatic Harmonica for Beginners - Our Top 5

Swan SW1040 Chromatic Harmonica

* 10-hole
* 40-tone C key
* Case included

4. Swan SW1664 Chromatic Harmonica

Another great chromatic harmonica made by Swan, this one however is a 16-hole 64-tone harmonica which promises an even better tone than the SW1040 harmonica.

A little bit pricier but the flat sharp switch and the workmanship that you can see with this harmonica makes it well worthy of consideration.

5. Easttop King Dream Chromatic Harmonica

This Easttop King Dream is a solid choice entry-level harmonica. Easily one of the best chromatics for its price. 

Well recognized for quality, the king dream harmonica has numerous good reviews and recommendations from experienced players.

This 12-hole 48-tone King Dream model is considered a professional chromatic harmonica, but it still is a very worthy inclusion in our top 5 beginner chromatic harmonicas list.

The King Dream also comes with a cleaning cloth and a carry bag.

Easttop king dream Chromatic Harmonica The Best Chromatic Harmonica for Beginners - Our Top 5

Easttop King Dream Chromatic Harmonica

* 12-hole
* 48-tone
* Comes with bag and cleaning cloth.

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